What is the 16%?

We’re glad you asked. The 16% comes from E.M. Rogers’ diffusion of innovation.

Diffusion of Innovation

According to Rogers, 2.5% of the population are innovators and 13.5% are early adopters. The goal of this blog is to make sure your thinking matches those of the leading 16% because let’s face it, what organization wants to be classified as a laggard? (It better not be yours if you want to be in the front pack of local government entities.)

SGR exists to promote innovation in local government, and this blog is one resource we are using to continue to do that.

No matter the size of your organization, you can take the information provided to better your leadership skills and have an innovative mindset. What are you waiting for? You’re just a click away from becoming part of the 16%!  View our Blog

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  1. Roger L. Kemp, PhD, ICMA-CM | Reply

    It is not easy to determine in which direction that you’d like your organization to go in! Leaderships helps you take the right direction, and training in leadership helps you achieve this goal.

    There are many sources to head you in different directions, but which one do you decide to take depends upon proper training and leadership, which results from training.

    SGR performs such leadership training services for the public sector. The right decision results in a solid following.

    1. Thanks for your words, Roger. SGR does provide great leadership development (and employee development) tools.

      It isn’t easy, but with the right leadership, an organization can definitely go in the direction of innovation.

  2. I love this study … I have used it with several management teams in reminding them what to expect with the roll out of new products, processes, branding, etc.

    1. We do too! It truly is a great indicator of how people respond to new ideas, products, etc.

  3. Leader and follower

  4. I first learned of Roger’s “diffusion of innovation” three or so years ago in Simon Sinek’s breakout TED Talk, “Start with the Why”. Thank you for the reminder, this is timely as our organization is just beginning to start the process of implementing the Servant Leadership philosophy, in an Exemplary Leadership Model, with a Transformative Leadership style. We are only beginning to take our first step in this journey, and we are starting with the overhaul of our performance review process. We have consulted Matt Mueller in Little Elm, Texas, and Scott Lazenby in Oswego, Oregon, for our transition to a more performance preview orientation, including hiring, promotions, and onboarding, as opposed to the traditional approach, which includes performance evaluation method. I can honestly say this is like trying to drink from a firehose!

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