Eat Here and Get Gas

gas stationLast week, I stopped at a gas station and was surprised to see that the station had installed Sonic meal ordering stations beside every gas pump. At first, it felt very strange and out of place. I had never seen these two different services aligned, and it felt funny. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed logical and even brilliant.

The “new normal” is in full swing and causing us to question everything we do — and how we do everything. While painful, questioning how and what we do is incredibly healthy. The simple fact is that we resist change until we have exhausted all options for clinging to the status quo and conclude that change is inevitable.

All too often, we resist asking the hard questions that should be asked routinely if we are serious about creating high-performance organizations. One blessing of the “new normal” is that it has created financial pressures which leave us with no alternative but to ask hard questions about what we do and how we do it.

Ask and discover that some services should be abandoned. Ask and conclude that some services should pay their own way. Ask and reveal that some services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively.

Ask and rethink. Rethink how we configure services; rethink whether we partner with the private sector to deliver services more efficiently; and rethink whether there are alternative ways to generate revenue to maintain the quality and variety of services.

Our citizens are increasingly unwilling to eliminate services, yet simultaneously less willing to pay for providing them. The old ways of doing business simply will not work anymore.

“Eat here while getting gas” may not sound like it has much to do with your organization; but rethinking how you configure services, rethinking how you create partnerships with other providers, and rethinking how you generate alternative revenues has everything to do with whether your organization will be a pacesetter or an also-ran.

Start questioning how you do everything and everything you do.  It worked for Sonic and Chevron — and it will work for you too.

Ron Holifield

Written by:
Ron Holifield
CEO, Strategic Government Resources

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