12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health

In one of my speaking engagements this week, my host pointed me to a participant that had lost 250 pounds over the last year. 250 pounds! He described the difference this had made. More energy. Happier. It was almost like a rebirth; certainly a new beginning.

There is a simple truth here. Poor health really does have multiple negative ripple effects. Good health opens an array of better possible futures.

Just as people need to be in good health, so too do organizations need to be in good health. Consider these the “organizational vitals”.

This is not exhaustive — I suspect that you could add equally important elements. And, of course, there is a clear, non-negotiable starting point– a healthy organization has a product or service that is of value to its purchasers/customers, and the customers want to continue giving this organization their business.

So, here is my list:

  1. A healthy organization is constantly adapting and innovating.
  2. A healthy organization has a compelling “this is why we are in existence” understanding.
  3. A healthy organization has a clear, challenging organizational strategy.
  4. A healthy organization has an effective leader/leadership team.
  5. A healthy organization is effective at building and nurturing successful teams.
  6. A healthy organization is good at “alignment” — its people are on the same page, with genuine buy-in throughout the organization.
  7. A healthy organization excels at finding, nurturing, and keeping its talent (“the right people”).
  8. A healthy organization excels at communication — of all kinds — internally and externally.
  9. A healthy organization identifies and removes bottlenecks.
  10. A healthy organization knows what to measure and measures effectively.
  11. A healthy organization excels at execution.
  12. A healthy organization excels at serving its current customers and finding its next customers.

There’s a lot to say about healthy organizations, but start here… read over the list. Consider your own organization. What do you think? Healthy? Not-healthy?

Randy Mayeux

Contributed by:
Randy Mayeux
Professional Speaker & Writer
Co-founder, First Friday Book Synopsis

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