Unleashing the Power of Online Learning

Strategic Government Resources entered the world of online learning in 2008. Since that time, we have developed over 40 online courses that have been viewed by over 17,000 online learners. Can online learning work for your organization? If you respond with a yes to the following questions, then the answer is a resounding, “Absolutely!”

  • Are your training dollars stretched? Almost all public sector agencies feel the pain of budget constraints. Online learning provides an affordable solution. In our Learning Management System (LMS), for example, an employee may choose from dozens of topics created by SGR, or he or she may choose from courses created by his or her organization’s internal subject matter experts.
  • Is online learning here to stay? Without question, online learning is here for the long haul. With the explosion of computers, tablets, and other mobile devices, online courses have never been easier to access. Considered a luxury just a few years ago, many of these items are now a necessity for developing a trained and competent workforce. Technology, coupled with user familiarity, provides a recipe for major employee development success.
  • Is online learning a powerful employee development tool? The answer is of course, “Yes,” but with a caveat. It is important to understand that online courses and learning management systems are not “THE” tool. Rather, they are two tools in an overall training and development toolbox. It is also important to understand that an ignored tool is worthless. If you invest in one course or a fully-functioning LMS, then you must be prepared to invest more than budget dollars. You must also be ready to invest training time in order to use such resources to their fullest potential.
  • Will online learning allow me to be creative? Again, the answer is, “Yes!” Many think online learning boxes an organization in and limits its training options. In reality, online learning opens the door to creative application, topical dialogue, policy refinement, employee accountability, and much more.
  • Is online learning a comprehensive training solution? As I mentioned earlier, online learning is a tool in an overall training and development toolbox. However, online learning is far from a Band-Aid. Used in a contextually appropriate manner, online learning can substantially complement learning activity that ranges from new employee orientation to highly technical training.

Online learning will never fully replace hands-on learning. However, it can save organizations money without compromising quality. It fits with technology trends. It is a powerful tool within a training and development toolbox and allows organizations to creatively and comprehensively complement learning activity.

If you would like to know more about SGR’s courses or register for a free demo of our LMS, you can email krisa@governmentresource.com.

Happy training and development!

Greg Anderson
Written by:
Greg Anderson
President of Online Learning, Strategic Government Resources
Follow Greg on Twitter!@SGRGreg

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