Is Your Privacy and Security at Risk?

Chances are you have a smartphone. And I’m sure you use that smartphone to take pictures. But if you ever uploaded any of those pictures online, you could have made yourself (and your family) vulnerable to potential stalkers.

It’s pretty scary—especially for public officials—to think that someone could be tracking their every move just with a snap of a picture, but it’s true.

So how are these people getting your information? With new technology, of course. Just watch this brief clip, change your phone settings, and share this video with everyone you know to prevent it from happening.

The moral of the story is to embrace technology, but to not be naïve about the ways others can use that same technology in a harmful manner.

Organizations, always look at ideas from both sides of the spectrum to make sure your group is staying on top of the newest trends and security methods for those trends.

Hope Boyd
Written by:
Hope Boyd
Director of Communications, Strategic Government Resources

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