The Nine Jobs in a Successful Business or Organization

It always come down to the basics. The fundamentals. Getting the important things right.

Here’s another way to look at the list of “basics”. I think every successful business enterprise or organization has to have someone (someones) responsible for these nine jobs or tasks in order to continue on the path to success.

Here they are:

  • Job #1 – Someone has to decide why we are going to do what we do
  • Job #2 – Someone has to decide what we do
  • Job #3 – Someone has to develop the strategy to get this done
  • Job #4 – Someone has to design the process to get this done
  • Job #5 – Someone has to find and train the “troops” to do this well-designed work process successfully
  • Job #6 – Then, someone has to actually do this well-designed work (you know – “execution”)
  • Job #7 – Someone has to sell this product or service to customers
  • Job #8 – Someone has to serve these customers… really well!
  • Job #9 – Someone has to always be harping, cajoling, complaining, to tweak and change and innovate. In other words, this brilliant strategy and design process and team of workers have to get better all the time—maybe even make really major changes.

Do you have someone filling all these roles, doing all these jobs, in your business enterprise or organization? If not, time to get back to the basics.


Though I use slightly different terminology, my new e-book, 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health, covers these nine jobs. Check it out.

Randy Mayeux

Contributed by:
Randy Mayeux
Professional Speaker & Writer
Co-founder, First Friday Book Synopsis

4 responses

  1. Love it. The challenge of moving from better to best is an interesting one to explore…

    1. But many people don’t like it because it’s… challenging. haha!

      1. Exactly! Complacency is the silent productivity killer and the enemy of change.

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