Why Wait? Innovate!

If you have an iPhone, you probably received a prompt to upgrade your operating system to the latest version. As with any new Apple reveal, there will be cheers and jeers; but ultimately, everyone will get used to the new norm and comply.

As annoying as that sounds, isn’t that the true indicator of an innovator? Apple is the epitome of forward thinking and innovation because they set the bar and wait for everyone else to catch up.

And that’s exactly how every 16% organization should be.

Think about why everyone wants to work for Google. Word got around about the holistic approach the company takes to cater to the needs of its employees. The benefits provided—on-site physicians, travel insurance, extensive maternity leave, free legal aid, etc.—cannot be easily beat.

Did Google wait for other companies to provide those benefits? No. They made an assertive effort to set the bar high and become one of the most sought after employers.

So what’s the “stamp” you want your organization to have? What sets you apart from the rest? Don’t wait for another entity to do it before you jump on board. Be an innovator and take the leap to show that your organization is truly ahead of the curve.

Hope Boyd
Written by:
Hope Boyd
Director of Communications, Strategic Government Resources

3 responses

  1. So true. I am new to my current organization and so is my boss. We have so many ideas on making improvements and we are excited after studying the “as is” to begin to strategically and regular implement changes/improvements/enhancements that make the overall organization more effective.

    1. That’s great, Enna! And you’re fortunate enough to have a boss who wants to foster new ideas in the workplace.

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