Change for Change Sake

When confronted with the need to change, many managers attempt to reassure their organization that “we are changing because we have to, but we are not going to create change just for the sake of change”.

While their intent is to make the change easier by reassuring fearful employees, in reality they accomplish just the opposite… their team hears that change is bad, and something to be endured only to the extent absolutely necessary.  Indeed, the underlying message of “we won’t make you change just for change sake” creates an extra burden to persuade your team that each and every change is actually necessary – thus requiring far more resources and energy to drive the needed change.

But the only constant in today’s world IS change. And high-performing organizations recognize the constancy of change and develop an organizational culture that rises above merely “enduring” change, and actually embrace, harness and drive the right kind of constant ongoing change.

To harness and drive the right kind of change instead of being victimized by change — teach your team to thrive on change.  Expose them to change, challenge them to change, and yes even force them to regularly change just for the sake of learning how to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Ron Holifield

Written by:
Ron Holifield
CEO, Strategic Government Resources

5 responses

  1. The world changes minute by minute. What you have said is the right approach. However, some things do not change — we are told in Scripture that God does not change! But we also notice that He does things differently from one era to another, otherwise, we would not be in the Christian age. Just keep your aim constantly on the goal to be reached and do not become overloaded buy excess baggage.

  2. Harold Q. Thomas | Reply

    Teaching a team or an organization to embrace change is the key. If you don’t, you will create at atmosphere of fear and stagnation. We know from experience people do not like change. However, if you teach them change is the answer to maximizing their own efficiency and, at times, making their job easier, they will better accept the change out of self satisfaction. After all, doing the same thing the same way and expecting different outcomes, is insane. Teaching and encouraging you people to try new innovative ideas on their own can be some of the best change an organization has ever seen. It doesn’t always have to come from the top; but does need to be supported and praised.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys!

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    Wonderful words on change!

  5. In my own organizations, and in the Management classes that I teach, we do not use the word “change”. We use the word “improvement”. That alone improves the entire psychological understanding, focus, direction and culture.

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